Saturday, September 26, 2009

When the Weather's Wet and Cold, Where do Possums Go?

The other night I was laying on our bed watching something I had downloaded and Boyfriend was in his office working away when I heard our possum running along the fence and up on to our laundry room. This happens most nights and I continued to watch my show. A little while later we must have had two possums chasing each other across the roof because the sound was deafening! Twice they did laps back and forth across the roof really quickly and then it was silent and Boyfriend said he heard one jump on to the laundry roof. A few minutes later I heard another one jump so I ran through the house, switched on the light outside the laundry room and saw one climb up the tree. Boyfriend came out and brought a flashlight and I found the little guy amongst the leaves and branches. He sat and watched us watching him for awhile and we were able to snap this picture of him before he scrambled up in to thicker leaves and was out of sight. Poor thing, we must have blinded him with the flashlight and the camera flash, but he didn't seem to mind.

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