Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Red Sky in the Morning, Sailors take Warning

This is the world I woke up to this morning...pretty weird, huh? I knew it had to be some kind of weather related phenomena and I was hoping it didn't mean we were going to get a freak tornado or something blowing through. Turns out the middle of Australia is made up of lots and lots of red dirt (who knew? ;D) and we got a massive wind system blow through last night and it has brought all that red dirt eastward. It was really eerie to wake up to an orange sky and no birds chirping...normally at 7:30 they are deafening!
The reddish-orange has pretty much faded- it now looks like when you add just a dab of orange paint to a bunch of white paint and mix it together, rather than a mixture of orange and red paint like it did earlier, but the wind is still howling and things are still battering against the house and the birds still aren't game to come out.
Thanks to Boyfriend for getting out of bed to take some pictures so I didn't have to!

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