Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I.O.U. One Galaxy

The posts are slowing down. There are some things going on right now that I'm not sure I should write about, it's been an ongoing thing for the past couple of weeks and it will be going on for a while longer (could be months before an outcome is reached). I am not sure whether I will post the blog I wrote about it or not. My life is a waiting game....awaiting the answer to this decision, awaiting a job or at least an interview. It's kind of a blah time right now. It's still an adventure though because I just don't know how it is all going to end up. Ugh. Whoa is me, I know, how boring to read. You (who you are, if anyone, I don't know) come here to read about love and adventure and all that good stuff I promise in the heading and instead end up with this pity party. Oh well, everyone has them sometimes.

In happier news, Boyfriend is supposed to be coming over tonight with a delivery from that Mexican food place I wrote a review of in the last post! CAN NOT WAIT! Also, my parents sent an Easter package that includes those much needed bras, aforementioned in the great birthday bra debacle post from earlier, and candy! It might even get here today so that Boyfriend can bring it over when he comes tonight. That would be so much win for one day! It is also sunny out today and I was finally able to do laundry again after a week and a half of humid, overcast, or rainy days (man, I hate not having a drier)- hooray for clean underwear! Haha! So I guess they aren't big exciting things that are making me happy today, but they are really awesome little things that make the day brighter when I reflect on them and not on "the deciding" Anyway, tomorrow or later tonight I'll post about my trip to Africa and that'll put us back on track to what this blog is all about.

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