Monday, September 6, 2010

Beautiful Boy

Awwww! (By the way, is that the right "awwww" to use or do I mean "ahhhh"? I can never remember) I'm awwwwing, in a good way, because last night I got to cuddle with the newest member of MOTH Dude's family. His name is Landen and he is 3 weeks old. I was really nervous to hold him because he looked so tiny and breakable but I'm glad I did because he just laid there sleeping and yawning and smelling so warm and clean! Not that I want to wake up a thousand times a night yet or deal with diapers or push a watermelon sized thingy out of my thingy, but holding Landen made me want a baby, or made me want a baby some day. I want to make something so little and perfect with MOTH (Does this mushiness make you gag like it would me if I were the one reading your blog and not the other way around?) but as MOTH explained to one of his cousins last night when asked if babies were on the books for us: "Someday, but the book is a very long book, like Lord of the Rings long, and babies are somewhere near the back page." Oh man, does he crack me up! So until we're ready for our own little LARVAE Babies, it's nice to cuddle the littlest baby in the family and play with the other babies (2, 2, and 3) and watch them all slowly grow and change. I love all our baby cousins, but I also love that if they are stinky, hungry, or crying I can give them back!


  1. Aww my friend's sister had a baby today named Landon. About 3-4 months ago we had a few friends who were having babies. Not only that, I started working at a daycare. For about 3 weeks during that period I starting having "that" know... the one to have one of those little things of my own. But then that urge passed and it hasn't returned since. Thank God. I'm with MOTH on that "lord of the rings" book metaphor- it will probably be awhile for us! I guess I can't wait too long though considering I'll be an old woman tomorrow!

    p.s.- thanks for the wedding wishes! :)

  2. Hahaha, yeah I'm glad that when I get the urge, I start thinking about things logically and the urge goes away very quickly! That's cool that you are working at a daycare. How are you liking it?
    Don't worry, as per my other post, I'm already old so my actual age means nothing these days. Happy Birthday for tomorrow! If you come back and read this-What are you doing to celebrate? Or are you all celebrated out for awhile at this point?
    If it's not too tacky, can we have a run down about all the awesome presents you got that made up the 120 kilos you brought back, too? Haha, probably tacky, but I love hearing what other people have registered for so I can add stuff to our wish list.


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