Friday, December 18, 2009

The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows

Sorry if you've stopped by hoping for a new post this week. I've been swamped at work so by the time I get home and make dinner for everyone, I'm pretty much ready to lay on my bed and talk to Boyfriend for a bit before passing out. Nevertheless, I'm really liking it. Sure, a lot of the stuff I do is repetitive, but the people I work with are really great and make being there enjoyable. It's funny all the random connections I've found out I have to people in my office, considering that I'm not even from this area and know one other person besides my family here!

I'm stoked because I've been asked to come in for the Monday after Christmas to help sort out all the delivery mishaps that happen Christmas Eve that we won't be in to deal with. A) It means a little bit more money and B) It means I get to hang out with everyone for one more day. I think that I will ask the family to keep me in mind for office help next Christmas Season, if they'll have me, because I have always enjoyed working for family businesses....there's and at Jack's.

Everyone has really flattered me at the office over the past few days, too, because I have been bringing in treats and they said the cupcakes I brought in yesterday were so good that I should think about going in to business with them. Which is funny because before Boyfriend got here Mom, Dad, and I were discussing that I should start a bake stand since Australia has a shitty selection of baked goods and I really enjoy baking. So I think I'm going to start trying to sell my baked goods on the weekends and on days when I don't get substitute teaching work and see how that goes (but I might wait until after the hottest days of summer are over before I start so that my frosting actually stays on the cupcakes rather than melting in to a puddle next to the cupcakes)!

Anyway, it's a dream, an adventure, and something to look forward to so we'll see how it pans out. Boyfriend seems a little sketchy on the idea because he's got his fingers crossed that I'll fall in to a full time job, or at least get a lot more substitute work, this year and can actually start pulling my weight with the bills. Which is completely understandable. He isn't my sugar daddy, as much as I joke that he is, and I would like for us to have equal roles in the money making. But having this as a side project and as a way to make at least a few bucks on days when I don't get called in to a school can't hurt, can it? He's willing to let me have a shot at it for now and that's all I can ask of him. When I am Australia's answer to Paula Deen (or who's a hotter TV show chef, isn't there someone cute named Giada or something?), he'll be glad that he gave me some support on this business venture!

Tomorrow Nae, Boyfriend and I are shopping it up at the Gilroy Outlet Mall. We still need to find some things for our Mom and there are also Hurley, Volcom, Quiksilver, and Billabong stores there that Boyfriend will probably want to stop in to and stock up on clothes for the year from. We'll probably also make ourselves sick on Animal Style Burgers (or Grilled Cheeses) and Fries at some point in the day because right next to the mall is the only In-N-Out anywhere close to where we live. It should make for an exhausting day! Sunday, I might go in and help at the office if they need me, for a couple of hours and if not, I think I will sleep in, take a nap, wash my work clothes, and finish up my DeFacto Spouse Visa paperwork (by the way-if anyone has any tips, tricks, or words of advice on the Visa paperwork, I'd be glad to hear it) and then it is the final, big push until Christmas at work. I get Christmas Eve off and I think Boyfriend and I are going to attempt to make homemade gnocchi that night.

So I guess, really, when I sit down and think/write about it, things aren't as quiet as I thought they've been around here!

Hope you aren't too cold/too hot (depending on your Hemisphere) where ever you're reading this from and that you have a fun and relaxing weekend ahead of you...

P.S. I'm sure it's not too late to buy your favorite blogger (that's me) something amazing from her Amazon wish list or to send her a big, fat check for keeping you mildly amused over the course of most of the last year. Just a suggestion! ;D


  1. First off... I love Brand New! (Guessing that is where you got your title). Secondly, I think a bake stand is a great idea. Third, I can definitely help out with your de facto paperwork if you have any specific questions. Just let me know!!

  2. Haha, I think I've commented on our shared love of Brand New before! Thanks for the encouraging words for my bake stand. And I'll probably be sending you a Facebook email or something sometime this week about specifics, but if you do come back here and check this out before then-how long between turning your paperwork in and getting your visa granted? Did you do yours while out of the country? We are hopefully turning ours in right after Christmas, but then I'm scheduled to go back to Aus on Feb 8th and I've heard it can take 2 months to have the visa granted so then I'm thinking maybe I should just go back to Aus on a travel visa and apply from there? Anyway, I'll probably email you so thanks for offering to help!

  3. Oh, and P.S. Elsja- I brought in your chocolate truffles to the office on Friday and everyone was raving about them, too!

  4. I actually applied in person on-shore and I came with EVERYTHING in hand (medical, FBI, etc). Mine was granted on the spot. I'd highly recommend doing that, but it's probably already too late. A guy that applied recently got his in 35 days!

    Which truffles did you bring in? The ones I just blogged about?

  5. On shore in Australia you mean or in the U.S.? Had you already been living in Australia for awhile and been living on another kind of visa and still needed to have the medical and FBI stuff? I'm wondering since I've lived in Australia for 5 years now and had to do a medical to come over as a student to begin with if I need to do another. Hmmm, I really need to get on this!

    And the truffles I brought in were the Oreo balls I think you made the time before last when you were home...In like July or June or somewhere around then, except I used milk chocolate instead of white :)


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