Thursday, May 28, 2009

You Could Try and Be Way Off

Have you guys ever played this game? We went over to the Soccer Player and the Hairdresser's house last Saturday night and along with playing Pictionary (yay!) we were up til 3:30 in the morning singing along to this game.

I was shy at first and didn't want to have a'd never find me in a karaoke bar to save my life unless I was smashed and I wasn't drinking on Saturday night. I hate looking like an idiot, even in good fun and even just around good friends (party pooper, I know I know) so I really, really didn't want to participate. And I didn't for awhile, especially when the disc we had on could've been called "Aussie Anthems" and I didn't know half the songs they were singing to.

I laughed as the Teacher, Croc, the Soccer Player, and the Hairdresser battled it out for glory. Then Boyfriend jumped in and surprised me with his high scores. After listening to Croc and the Soccer Player mangle "No Woman, No Cry" I knew I could do better. Just as the Teacher and Croc decided to leave, I hopped on to challenge the Soccer Player to some Bob Marley. I can't remember if I won that round or not, but I can tell you that the Soccer Player and I were both pretty awful and pretty evenly matched in our awfulness! I sang a few more songs and sucked at every one, but I ended up having a lot of fun doing it. It's good to try new things every now and again and it's good to let yourself look like an idiot, too. Now I've just got to find a disc with songs that I listen to and know all the words to so I can kill it at our next Sing Star gathering!

(Oh, P.S., I thought I should add that we looked only half as douchey as the guy in the picture while doing it)

Edit It's now 5 months later and Soccer Player is very angry about this blog (in a joking way) and wants the record set straight and the world to know that he kicked my ass and is a way better singer than I am, so there you go.

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