Sunday, May 3, 2009

I'm Dying Tomorrow/Time to Talk

I got two emails on Friday morning, one from Bun and one from Mom, alerting me to the fact that my beloved HydroxyCut has been pulled in the U.S. and that someone has died from taking it. I appreciate their concern but I love how I am never hungry when I am taking it and really, who needs a liver anyway?? I think mine's already damaged from this illness I got when I was little. I told Bun I was going to continue to take it until my bottle runs out and she just laughed and said me and her boyfriend are crazy because he's going to continue to take it too! My Mom was like "NOOOO!!! Throw that stuff away right now." I told her Dad spent good money on it so I'm finishing the bottle unless she wants me to go out and buy new diet pills on her credit card at a GNC here. She didn't say go for it so I guess I'm finishing the bottle! If I stop writing on here, I guess you'll know it's because I'm dead or in the hospital awaiting my liver transplant! (I say this jokingly, but please God don't let me die cause I want to be skinny!)

Also, remember way back in the very first blog where I question whether or not chat rooms still exist? Well, I found out they do, they've just taken on a slightly different form....this new form is Basically you get thrown in to a chat room with a stranger and you know nothing about them and can tell nothing about them because they don't have a catchy screen name to tell you anything about them and there are no profiles to look at. You basically talk about whatever...names or not, ages or not, where you're at or not. I've had random conversations...some where we just name animals in ABC order, some about ghosts, some about music, some are just normal conversations you'd have with friends, and there are of course tons of people on there looking to have cyber sex. When I can get one of these guys in to a conversation I ask..."how do you want to have cyber sex with me, you know nothing about me....I could be a 500 pound bear of a woman for all you know." They say it doesn't matter for the most part and proceed to try and get down to sexy times! Haha, gross. Anyway, it's totally entertaining if you are bored and looking for randomness. I actually talked to a (normal) girl one night who has started a blog ( all the random conversations she has with people on Omegle. It's pretty funny stuff. Check that out before you go on if you want to see what kind of conversations you can expect to have on there. I submitted one of my conversations to her and she posted it...some random asian dude who said asians are people of color so they can call each other the N I said Chinese Nigga.....Chigga? And he didn't like it too much.

That's all from here for now. The baby shower went well and LC got tons of stuff. My cupcakes were so pretty and bright, bright pink (I'll have to get a picture from her of them) and took forever to make, but they were worth it because LC appreciated them and plus they turned out pretty tasty, too! I still have to do a blog about my Costa Rica trip and about working at the surf shop and my friends from there sometime soon so be on the look out for those some time this week, I think/I hope.

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