Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Career Opportunities (The Clash)

So I'm back again and only with a day gap between posts-that hasn't happened in at least a year!

I'm hoping for your help;  I need some career advice.  Remember when I went for that dream job and I didn't get it?  Well, the most amazing thing happened yesterday.  The lady that I interviewed with back then sent me an email to let me know that that position had just become available again and that she encouraged me to have a look at the job posting again.  Not that that means it is a sure thing, but when does it ever happen that you put in for a job, don't get it, and then they contact you 6 months later suggesting that you try again for the job??  I'm really excited!

The help that I need from anyone reading this is:  I have to resubmit a cover letter and my resume.  What can I do to my cover letter to make it different from last time?  Do I just give a general overview of the last one to remind her why I am the best candidate for the job?  Do I change it completely and say different things?  (For background-the job is helping US students get settled in Australia in a uni program and fielding any questions they might have about life here, helping them get in to internships, showing them around the City, etc.  So on my last cover letter I spoke about the fact that I can relate to these students as I originally came out on a study abroad program myself, I faced and continue to face the same feelings of homesickness and of being foreign in a new country, that I have a teaching background, that I enjoy meeting and working with new people, and that I want to help make these students time here the best that it can be so they love Aus as much as I do).

I also did a mock up of a weekly newsletter that they send out to all of the students after my first interview- should I resubmit that?

Thanks in advance to anyone who has advice!


  1. maybe you can recreate a new newsletter (make sure its even better than the last time) to showcase your renewed interest.. i think on resume.. add stuff if there are new things that change within the last 6 months.. your cover letter sounds good and just reiterate you are interested in the job... good luck!

  2. Thanks Ipoel for your input. By the way, your wedding was stunning and your honeymoon looked like an amazing time, as well!

  3. hiya! as someone who's done hiring in the past, maybe in your cover letter speak more about how you will apply your past experience and teaching background to perform the required job. showing a potential employer that you have the skills to back up your enthusiasm will be a huge advantage. and be honest. if you want to bring up the previous time you applied, the talk about how you've grown and other skills you've acquired which make you even more perfect for the job. hope this helps and good luck!

  4. Meandtheaustralians- thank you! Awesome to hear from someone who has actually done hiring. I did my new cover letter yesterday and focused more on my skill set as it applied to the job description and from what I remember her telling me were extra parts of the job not described in the job ad. I then only did a sentence towards the end reiterating my enthusiasm for the position. Based on your comment, I hope/it seems I'm on the right track. Thanks for taking the time to respond :)
    (P.S. I'm reading your blog now, haven't come across it before!)


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