Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Go Your Own Way, I'll Be With You. Make Mistakes and I'll Forgive You. Home Is Waiting Here For You When You Return

Six years ago, I set out to do a study abroad program for 4 months in Australia and I've never (permanently) left. Next week, my little sister sets out on her own journey, this time to South Africa with an open ended time line...might be two years, might be three. I am proud of her for living her dream, but afraid of what she might encounter. I'm fine with her being up close and personal with huge Great White Sharks, that doesn't worry me, it's the people that do. She has been mugged once already, I hope it's not a re-occurring experience for her there.

Because she doesn't need a lecture from her big sister and because I am trying not to be sad that she is leaving, rather than send her a big, smoochie boochie letter, I got her the sweatshirt pictured above. I hope she likes it and wears it all the time and thinks about me.


  1. good luck to your sister! I find your story so encouraging! It is nice to follow your heart. I love traveling and I hope to land somewhere beautiful maybe forever!

  2. Thank you, what a nice comment to wake up to on a Saturday morning! Discovering new places through travel is something I will never regret in life- I hope you find your own special spot in the world soon :)


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