Tuesday, May 4, 2010

And Sometimes When You're On, You're Really...On and Your Friends They Sing Along and They Love You

The other night Mom and I celebrated Mother's Day early. I took her to see "An Evening with David Sedaris." He is a favorite author of both of ours and an incredibly funny guy. You may have heard him on NPR's "Thisweather American Life" or seen his equally funny sister, Amy, on a late night show like David Letterman. We laughed until we had tears in our eyes. My favorite part of the night was a story he told about getting stuck in airports and when he made the comment "I wondered if they were just being petty and judgemental like me....because I could go on for hours" I was dying because that reminds me of all the bitch sessions I've had with friends over the years. It was a great night out with my Mom and I would recommend for everyone to go see David on tour if you have the chance.

Other than that, not too much to report. We have been having some seriously nice weather and I have been taking full advantage of it by laying out and working on my tan before I eventually return to Australia and winter. There are tons of things sprouting in the greenhouse and I have had fun going out each morning to see what has happened over night out there. Haven't heard too much more from Nae but she assures us she is ok. Boyfriend seems to be pretty lonely and bored a lot on the weekends, but our friends have been really good and invited him out to lots of things to keep him company. They have even discussed with him the idea of coming out here for either just a trip or in conjunction with our wedding so that is a very exciting possibly for he and I to discuss and then for us to plan with everyone!

I've got my fingers crossed for some big, exciting news to share with you guys sometime soon (i.e. getting my visa and going back to Australia) so keep your fingers crossed with me!

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